Replacement Parts For An Alarm.

It the old story, have an issue with my alarm not working but cant find a place to buy replacement parts. In recent years the alarm industry has changed in Ireland with the introductory of the PSA licencing. PSA licensing now means that all alarm installation companies must have a licence to provide the service.

Not to mention the downturn but this has also led to allot of whole sellers being put out of business due to bad depths and far less business that there had being to go around.

All in all buying products can prove to be difficult and a lengthy process to obtain a shock sensor, contacts, PIR, replacement cover, bell box or replacement battery.

Many products on the market in Ireland have become obsolete and are no longer available, however we will aim to provide you with a suitable replacement product.

At 111 Capel street Dublin 1 we can provide alarm replacement parts our site address is We will always aim to provide a direct replacement product for any alarm parts you might require.

Our sister company our licenced under 00709 licence number from the PSA to provide alarm installations throughout Ireland.

Our office is based in Dublin provide alarm installations throughout Dublin and Ireland

Stay Tuned!