Keeping safe at night

Keeping safe at night

Develop a safe routine at night can help save your life . Below are a few tips which in Dublin have put together to help you:

  • Always place a spark guard in front of a unattended fire
  • Switch off any equipment which operates by gas
  • Keep all doors closed through the property
  • Ensure all cigarettes are safety out
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking escape routes
  • Have a good escape drill and practice the drill with employees within your business environment
  • When a fire breaks out panic will set in, however when a good drill has being implemented this can save life’s
  • Have two escape routes
  • Have a meeting point for all to meet within the home or business
  • Practice the plain on a regular basis
  • Close all doors when leaving
  • Keep stairways and hall ways clear
  • Give specific responsibilities to individuals
  • Evacuate young children and older persons first
  • Don not attempt to return to the premises
  • Call 999 as quickly as possible

Alarm .ie install fire alarms and intruder alarms throughout Ireland.

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