Don’t use an Alarm company till you read this information.

1. Some bigger companies use subcontractors and don’t directly employ alarm engineers, so you can be dealing with middle men.

2. Some companies lead you to believe an alarm is being Garda monitored it’s is not Garda monitored. It is monitored by a monitoring station who contact the key holder and the Garda only if there is a need to. The Garda will only attend to two false alarms before removing the service.

3. Is the alarm installation company you are using registered with the PSA. (Private Security Authority)

4. Is the alarm engineer working with a registered PSA (Private Security Authority) company.

5. Is your alarm system being monitored but is not up the EN50131 standards. (Effects systems installed prior to 2007)

6. You should receive a certificate from the registered company and documentation, including a full invoice stating where and what devices were fitted in your home or business.

7. Is the price you are paying for your alarm installation appear to be too cheap compared to other companies. (This could result in using an unregistered installer)

8. Is the alarm you are having installed going to do what you require. (Some installers will install an alarm system to suit the price therefore you get a system that is not going to do what it was intended to do) (Fitting Passive Infa Reds throughout a home means you cannot arm the alarm while inside the home) supply and fit and repair alarms in Dublin.

Stay Tuned!